Posted by: prettybunny | June 26, 2009

Favorite 3D cartoon sites

Top 3 of my favorite 3D digital cartoon sites.

I will start with number one and the games that made me choose it as my favorite.

Bolt site is the one that made me laugh the most by playing a wonderful game called Bolt Pinball. It is a really funny and very well done game and wants you started playing its gets hard not to play anymore.

Another fun feature is that you can create your own wallpapers with the characters from Disney Bolt 3D animation.

Official site:

On my second place is Ice Age 3

This one capture me by playing Tetris acorn drop. A really old game but always fun to play especially if it has the characters from Ice Age. It has many other games fun to play but for me this is all i needed to make it one of my favorites.

Official site:

And finally at place number 3 is Disney/Pixar UP site.

The movie was amazing and i had great expectations from the features of the site as well. I can’t say it disappointed me because it didn’t, it’s just not that funny. From the four games that are presented on the site i enjoyed playing the most Kevin’s Chocogoblle that resembles to a Pacman game.

Official site:



  1. thanks for the research!

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