Posted by: prettybunny | June 28, 2009

Rising plants

flowersI really love to be surrounded by beautiful flowers not only when i am in nature but also in my home. Unfortunately i don’t have the skills to do that. From my own experience, meaning that i’ve tried a few times to take care of different species of flowers and only one survived longer than the others. And that because it was a bamboo and all i had to do was changing the water from 2 to 2 days. But in the end, even that one died on me. I really liked taking care of my bonsai tree, i couldn’t get enough of admiring its beauty and cutting its leafage. Now that i am thinking its been a while since i haven’t had a bonsai, and my birthday is getting close, who knows maybe faith will bring me once again next to a bonsai tree. I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows about plants that tells you how to plant them, water them and what to do exactly so they would have the best chances to blossom or in my case to keep them alive as much as possible. Maybe this time i’ll get it right.



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