Posted by: prettybunny | July 9, 2009

FRIENDS Celebrates 15 Years with iTunes

I loved watching this phenomenal sitcom when it first started and i still enjoy watching it now. I think is the greatest sitcom that will ever be.

“It’s not every day a sitcom comes around and captures the heart of America the way Friends did. The show never gets old as we watch it on stations like TBS on a daily basis. Well, can you believe it’s celebrating its 15th Anniversary?

I can just say ‘Ross’ spray tan’ and almost everyone gets a clear image of two-toned Ross in their head. Followed by an almost immediate chuckle! Or Monica in a fat suit? How about Joey going commando? I dare you not to laugh at Smelly Cat or “Can that report BE any later?” I can’t leave out a Rachel Green moment, like when she couldn’t see her baby on the ultrasound.

Starting today you can experience the best moments from this hugely popular Emmy-award winning series with the all-new BEST OF Collections, now available on iTunes.

Including the best hand-picked Friends episodes, these collections feature the most memorable moments of the series, including the dramatic break-ups, the emotional make-ups, and of course, some of the most hilarious scenes that ever aired on TV, capturing the unforgettable storylines that madeFriends a smash hit.”

The Complete Series is now available for the first time on iTunes. Unfortunately is not available in our country too…



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