Posted by: prettybunny | July 20, 2009

Electric power cars

I was very intrigued when i saw the Tv show about this company that created the most beautiful electric cars from all. So, i decided to write a few lines about them.

Most of the subsystems in the Tesla Roadster are completely electronic and under direct software control. The PEM (Power Electronics Module) translates your commands into precisely timed voltages, telling the motor to respond with the proper speed and direction of rotation. The PEM also controls motor torque, charging, and regenerative braking.

Environmental Benefits: Zero Emissions Equals Zero Guilt. You even can generate your own energy to fuel them by installing solar panels that last for decades.

Tesla Roadster offers double the efficiency of popular hybrid cars, while generating one-third of the carbon dioxide. Against other sports cars it is six times as efficient and produces one-tenth the pollution, all while achieving the same performance and acceleration.

The instruments inside the Tesla Roadster indicate how many more miles can be driven before you need to think about recharging. Plug it in at night when you pull into the garage and you can drive about 220 miles on that charge the next day.

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Official site:


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