Posted by: prettybunny | September 29, 2009


I found a lot of reviews that tells you how disappointing is the new product from Sony. Not only because its made only from plastic but also the software feels dated too (browser, downloads, text entry). I find my self in a weird situation because i already have 2 of the old model and i really was looking forward for the new one, but after reading everywhere that is not such a great thing and that after two years its probably going to break anyway, but by that time a new model should be available, well, i think i can wait two more years for the new after the new that is now…to buy it…

There was a comment that really made me laugh and feel the need to share it with everyone.

By Benjamin Cachimbe (09/28/09)

10 Requirements for a new Sony Product

1. Ridiculously overpriced early adopter fee.. CHECK
2. Ridiculously overpriced proprietary cables.. CHECK
3. Ridiculously overpriced proprietary storage.. CHECK
4. Complete abandonment of last Generation proprietary cables.. CHECK
5. Complete abandonment of last Generation proprietary storage.. CHECK
6. Reduction of useful components and thus “features” from previous Generation.. CHECK
7. Addition of useless features(for early adopters) to keep pricing high.. CHECK
8. Make the migration of content from previous Generation overly difficult.. CHECK
9. Anger your core audience and developers by doing all the previous 8 steps.. CHECK
10.Create crazy adds that nobody understands just to get extra free press.. CHECK

Unfortunately most of them are really true. At least we get to laugh a little over it…

More information about this product:

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