Posted by: prettybunny | December 14, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

“Square Enix has put up a site dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII’s soundtrack. The site includes previews of 10 of Hamauzu’s tracks from the first CD. The site also details the two versions of the soundtrack being released in January. The Firstcut Limited Edition will come with an extra CD, a limited edition case and part one of Episode Zero, ENCOUNTER. The standard edition will only come with 4 CDs and a nice but less luxurious case. The limited edition will cost 5,250 yen and the standard edition will retail at 3,990 yen. ”

Here are the first 10 tracks/translated titles:

1. Final Fantasy XIII Prelude (OP DEMO)
2. Final Fantasy XIII ~The Oath~
3. The 13th day
4. Rebellion against fate
5. Blade’s edge
6. Hanged edge
7. Purged people
8. A fight to return
9. Pulse’s fal’cie
10. You may escape

Stil 2 days and 10 hours to go till the launch of Final Fantasy XIII.




  1. They’ve made the soundtrack available for NA as well, and for just $29.99 USD as well. Glad to see they’re showing more interest in the international fans!

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