Posted by: prettybunny | October 13, 2010

TGS 10: Japanese Fabula Nova Crystallis Trailer

The opening cinematic in the Versus section of the trailer is in-game or pre-rendered footage. On the 3rd Birthday Twitter, Nomura says that this scene with Noctis is indeed pre-rendered but the rest of the trailer is completely in-game. Nomura also says that the desert Noctis is running around would probably be best to travel around via a car unless the player chose not to do so.He confirms that the Behemoth fight at the end of the trailer has been slowed down. Nomura says this is because Noctis is so fast that the viewer wouldn’t be able to see him clearly.

What is most intriguing is the date showed at the finish of the trailer, 11.1.2011, that is for us to find out what it meant.




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