Posted by: prettybunny | October 20, 2010

Apple’s Mac Event

Apple’s Mac and OS X event was full of so much news that your head might still be spinning. Here are the highlights from the event:


All The Cool New Stuff From AppleMac OS X Lion: The Best Features
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is here. It’s a beautiful evolution of the previous version, with a more elegant interface. Here’s everything you need to learn about it, a visual guide to its best features.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleFaceTime For Mac Looks Like This, Works Quite Well
FaceTime for Mac, which you can download right now, works pretty flawlessly so long as you have entries in your Address Book. Here’s how it looks doing Mac to Mac and Mac to iPhone. There’s even iChat comparison.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleiLife ’11: The Best New Tricks in iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand
At last, there’s a new version of iLife. It’s got all new, enhanced versions of iPhoto and iMovie to start. And they’re pretty fancy looking, more iPad-inspired.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleNew MacBook Airs: Faster, Lighter, Instant On, 30 Day Standby Power
It’s been two years since the last MacBook Air refresh, but Apple’s made up for lost time: the redesigned MacBook Air comes in 13.3 and 11.6-inch flavors with complete unibody construction. And a storage secret.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleHow Apple Will Do Multitouch On Macs
Trying to multitouch-touch-touch your Mac’s screen, as Steve Jobs said, would make your arm want to fall off. But OS X Lion is without a doubt Apple’s most touchable operating system to date. So how are they gonna do it?

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleWhat Is Apple’s Mission Control?
Apple’s consolidating some of its key OS features-Expose, Dashboard, full screen apps, and Spaces-and consolidated them into something called Mission Control. It’s a fancier Expose, and is perfect for multitouch gestures, with all the various open programs displayed.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleApp Store is Coming to Mac
Apps aren’t just for iPods, iPhones and iPads. They’re coming to Mac! Both free and paid-for, with the icon located in the dock. Once downloaded, the app automatically snuggles into your dock.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleFaceTime For Mac Is Here and You Can Try It Today
Apple just announced FaceTime for Mac, allowing people to videochat with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch users right from their computer. You can download a beta version today.

All The Cool New Stuff From AppleFirst Impressions of the New MacBook Airs
The new MacBook Airs are slimmer, snappier, and better suited for cutting cheese than ever. Here’s what people are saying about actually using them.

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