Happy Easter!


Happy New Year 2010!


My portable ID for PlayStation Network

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My MacBookPro 13.3″

On july 8th i’ve got an amazing present from my sisters and my boyfriend. They bought me the new released MacBookPro 13.3″. This was supposed to be my birthday  present but when they looked at my sweet puppy eyes and sow how much i wanted it, well, let’s say that they made me an early present, so i can start learn to enjoy it from now… even if i have to admit that it was pretty expensive.

Love my sisters, love my boyfriend, love everybody whom i know and have done nothing wrong to me or my family!

What a happy day!


… 🙂

Friday, july 26th i had an impressive number of visitors that enter my blog and read what i had just finished writting. I started this blog just for me, because i am unemployed and had the time to write about what i do and would like to do. But yesterday when i saw that so many people even just took a look at my blog i was overwhelmed by joy and an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Yeah, maybe i am being silly but this is the truth so i wanted to thank everyone who made this possible. So, thank you guys!


the princess and the prince

As a teenager I always dreamed of me as a princess in search of true love. True love that could only be found in the arms of my future prince to be. So, the search began. The first time i thought i found my prince, and with him true love also, i couldn’t been more wrong. The prince was to much in love with the concept of women and he couldn’t stay with only one, he had to have them all… So, after a period of  weeping and recovering, i found my second prince. Somehow fate pulled a trick on me this time too. The prince who swears that i am the only love of his life, manage somehow to find time for another. That ’till i  found out and told him to leave me alone. But the love was strong and beautiful, so after he attempted for a long time to make it up to me, i decided to forgive him and go on with our love story. After a while, he does something that i could not forgive anymore. He finds another path to walk too. A path that was made from lies, deceives, disappointments and many other bad things. So, i took my heart in hands and decided to let him go. Many years have come and go, but my heart remain still broken. One day, i remember that was a beautiful day, i felt something that i thought i could never feel again. I felt butterflies in my stomach and how my whole body slowly melts down. I said to myself that he couldn’t be, that i didn’t believe in that anymore so therefore its not possible for me to feel this way anymore. But it was. And from that moment on i knew that the princess finally met her prince and with him true love… After an amazing beginning and an even more amazing present the princess and the prince lived happily ever after.

To be continued… ’cause in the real world the stories usually just begin in those moments.


“i have a crush on you”

Life is strange. When you think that everything is at the right place at the right time she spice up things just enough to get you off the road you were walking till in that moment.

I can proudly say that i am a girl who’s happily in loved with her boyfriend, i really have an amazing relationship with an out of the ordinary boy… like in any other relation there are good things and bad things going on between us, but we always find a way to get trough the bad moments and manage to enjoy the good once… so, it is something good going on in here and i don’t want to mess this up, at list i am trying do to that, sometimes is the thought that counts… but, there are moments when i feel things that i shouldn’t or feel like doing things that they are not in my area of things that i can do anymore. It gets me confused and it makes me realize things that i would have kept them inside of mine if it weren’t for him to come and do whatever he does… Its awfully rare to find the right person, but when you do it’s an amazing feeling that put a hold on your entire body and stays with for the rest of your life. It’s really beautiful to have somebody to part your life with, somebody to love all the time, to know that he will be there for you no matter what… But no so often, there are moments when it happens to happen a spark, the kind off you almost forgot it even existed, and it make you wonder about things, sometimes even dream your eyes open. The feeling gets better as soon as your mind finds a way to justify its reason to be. It makes you happy, laugh without a reason, it gives you an opportunity to act different and makes people around you asking “what’s going on”. Yeah, its really an amazing feeling that you know will go away as soon as you’ll face your beloved one. But what do you do if, maybe, just for this once, that spark lights so powerful that shadows away the true light of love…


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